How to get into TikTok trends?

How to get into TikTok trends?

The simplest and surest solution is to take already existing ideas that have been "shot" and add a little creativity from yourself. For example, how Maryana Ro did it. In her video, she unusually beat the popular fast-changing emoji.

An equally popular way is to get free tik tok views , which will allow you to quickly gain popularity on this social network.

Trends differ depending on geolocation. For example, what is popular with American users has not yet reached Russian users. We recommend tracking foreign viral videos in order to implement trends and adapt them to your viewers. In this case, your video will fall under the hashtag of the international trend, attracting the attention of users from all over the world.

Remember that TikTok is in many ways a music platform, so you can't do without suitable music for a viral video. The app has a large media library where you can get a trending track if you shoot a video inside the platform.

Another way to get more views on social media is to participate in challenges. You can join an existing one or create your own tasks and challenge other users.

How to promote an account in Tik Tok?

In principle, TikTok promotion is free of charge. There are examples of bloggers who "fired" literally from the first video. But this is very rare. We propose to consider all options for promotion, both paid and free.

1. Circulation of traffic from already promoted accounts

The first and easiest method to promote your account for free is to share a QR code or provide a link to your TikTok on your Instagram profile, on YouTube or on other sites with already promoted accounts. And although we wrote above that this is not the most effective way to get views, but, nevertheless, it will add targeted traffic to your channel.

2. Hashtags

In Tik Tok, you can promote your account for free using hashtags. Even if you order ads through the app, you will definitely need them.

The main task is to reach the TOP for the most popular hashtags. To do this, you need to analyze the most targeted and relevant to your topic, by which users most often search for videos. This can be done using the special Tokker service.

It's better to take a few large popular hashtags and add a couple of thematic ones to them to get more traffic.

3. Buying ads

The minimum cost of promoting in Tik Tok using paid advertising is $ 20.